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THANK YOU for your encouragement and support for my music. May this music fill your heart and lift your spirit!

I live in Bellevue, Washington, with my amazing wife and three children. A few gracious supporters have described my music as "thoughtful, inspiring, and uplifting." Thank you! I've also heard that my music can "put one to sleep," and I'll take that as a compliment too. :)

Early musical influences include funk, jazz, blues, and rock, but solo piano instrumental has been the cornerstone of my musical journey. I wrote and produced my first album in my final year of college in 1997, where I had the chance to play with so many talented musicians. 20 years later, I was delighted to host one of my musical heroes, George Winston, in a home benefit concert. I'll never forget that afternoon, playing my own rendition of Mr. Winston's music for the man himself, who was standing next to me.

My family and I love living in the northwest and often travel up to Whistler, BC, to hike, bike, ski, raft, and take in all that nature offers. I also enjoy traveling the globe, hosting friends for parties, reading up on current events, and making crazy-fun memories with family and friends.

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